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Authority – Not of this Realm (part 4)

October 19, 2014

Do not fret because of evildoers; that’s the opening of Psalm 37. Most of us recognize the nature of fretting as being worried about something we have no direct control over.  A trip through the dictionary will reveal that there are physical meanings to the word that give more insight to the insidious nature of being vexed over the uncontrollable.  You will find a sense of cutting a groove through chaffing or wear, corrosion, or even agitation.  Hence, properly understood, don’t fret.  It will corrode your sense of well-being and wear you down.

As the Psalm spoke to me today about evildoers, I found my thoughts going to the masterminds in government and finance. These are men whose sphere of evil influence encompasses us all, in that they are convinced of their right to impose their twisted ideals on the rest of us.  That these men occupy my thoughts at all reveals that I have not yet successfully given these worries to the Almighty.  Look at the passage closely.  His faithfulness to uphold those who are His own is the very core of this passage.

It is the Heart of God to uphold those who love Him. If we draw close in a relationship with Him, the machinations of evildoers pales in the distance.  As I have asked Him about the evildoers, He has reminded me that they are empty and lost.  Having rejected help by His Heavenly power, they are rudderless derelicts driven by an evil wind.  I pray for them, that some glimmer of truth might dawn to turn them from their self-imposed path of destruction.  Especially since they intend to take us with them.  How much better that they should see the light and turn from evil than to continue the drive us toward shipwreck.

I had an epiphany regarding this situation during my morning prayer-time earlier this week. John 15:5 recounts Jesus’ statement that apart from Him, we can do nothing. He was talking to those who were already followers, so this should be understood to mean “Unless you abide in Me, you can do nothing effective for the purposes of God” (good).  I see that all the effort to drive God from the public arena, under the banner of “separation of church and state”, guarantees that government can do nothing good as long as that mistaken belief holds sway.  Don’t misunderstand what I am saying here.  I am a strong believer in the constitutional tenet that government must not do anything to establish a religion or interfere with the free practice thereof.  However, if the officers of government are godless men (whatever their assertions), then the course of the nation is determined by an evil wind.


Authority – Not of this Realm (part 1)

July 20, 2014

Recently, as I meditated on a scripture passage commanding subjection to governing authority (Romans 13), I realized that I needed to do some diligent accounting work as to my attitude about the same. My own apologia on this subject is anything but settled. Anyone who has read this blog over any significant span will know that I maintain that much of the force currently being applied by those in government is in violation of law. Both the Constitution and natural law are regularly ignored for some political expediency or the advancement of a contrary agenda. The principles that our founders wrestled with and forged into the Bill of Rights (ratified near the end of 1791) are still supposedly treasured by the people, but found inconvenient by our leaders. Certainly, the spiritual laws and precepts that we Christians attempt to follow are being maligned while governing authority rides roughshod over our convictions, even as we decline in numbers and apparent influence.


Iowa Privacy Fence – July 20, 2014

While my most charitable view is that many of the openly-stated aims of one political party tend toward evil, I am forced to admit the other party is actively complicit in that same evil. They posture conservatism while actually engaging in artifice and pretense. Their actual ends are indistinguishable from those of the party of the first part. Conservative Christian believers want to believe the subterfuge that claims to oppose the evil of the openly stated aims of the “progressives”. We have often resigned ourselves to following wrong shepherds, thinking them the lesser of two evils. These “leaders” seek only their own befit, at our expense. We the people are loathe to admit that the two parties are effectively one.

Looking around, the other sheep seem as bewildered and disillusioned as I. Some have succumbed to an attitude of fatalism. Now, fatalism is a doctrine which has adherents who are blessed with a self-fulfilling terminus. I was astonished this week to hear sometimes-comedian, sometimes-wise, and indisputably-intelligent Dennis Miller openly espousing fatalism on his radio program. The government holds all the power, he said. There is nothing you can do about it. You can’t fight city hall. If you do, they can make your life hell with IRS audits, inspections, and trumped-up legal charges ad-infinitum. Resistance is destined to go down in flames. His recommendation: don’t worry about it, hug your kids; eat a nice meal with your loving spouse. Enjoy your life. I think all of these things are fine and right, as long as society holds up, and you are able. But I don’t think they answer the question of what to do about government run amok.

What will I do, then, with the injunction to be subject to the governing authorities, with the assurance that there is no authority except from God? I am unconvinced the fatalist is correct and unwilling to be found to be working at cross purposes to the Almighty. I am just as sure that incessant complaining about the status-quo is activity that is ineffectual, and probably harmful. Therefore, I am determined to explore authority from a Biblical perspective. I have looked into the scriptures on this subject enough already to know that this is a hard row to hoe. If you share these questions, I invite you to come along. I pledge to give this inquiry as much time as I am able. I also commit to give full consideration to questions, comments, and suggestions.

(I am writing from my own experience as a citizen of the USA. But, this country has no monopoly on governing authorities who seem to be failing to carry out the stated purpose of opposing evil. I think we are going to find in the scriptures a balm for wounds worldwide. I hope we recognize a plan of action along the way.)



What to do?

September 2, 2013

If you have been reading the news the last couple of weeks, you will have been told that the regime of Assad in Syria is probably responsible for chemical attacks on innocent civilians, resulting in the deaths of thousands of innocents including many children. There is no condemnation sufficient to address this atrocity.
The “opposition” is backed by Al Qaeda, a proven ruthless enemy of our nation. Murderers of thousands of innocent Americans. Sworn to attack us to extinction. No thinking person in the U.S doubts this.
So, what is the U.S. to do?
The current administration thinks the right thing to do is send Assad a message that it is unacceptable to kill thousands of innocents.
Hard to argue with this sentiment, on the surface.
But, attacking Assad, advances the agenda of Al Qaeda, and fails to help the innocents who have been attacked.
Therefore, unless and until someone can show me a compelling strategy that actually helps the innocents who are suffering in this Syrian civil war, I maintain my stance that the only moral alternative is for the U.S. to stay out of it.
The likelihood that this whole scenario is carefully engineered to drive us closer to the aims of those who want to dominate the planet through financial means is too hard for me to discount.
Go ahead and believe that this current administration is living up to its promise of transparency if you want to, but, so far, I have seen no evidence in that direction.

Programming is Complete

April 13, 2013

We’re all in this Together!

November 4, 2011

I was dumbfounded as I watched an interchange between a pair of conservative activists today. One of these persons is known to me as one who frequently stands on the “I stand with Israel” soapbox. The other activist (whom I don’t know) was pointedly declining a “connection” with the first because of his views about Israel. Rather than try to capture the essence of the interchange, just let me repost it as a quote:

‘Sorry bro, can’t connect with folks who “Stand with Israel”. If you stood with Jews instead of Zionists I’d had no quams, but the state of Israel has helped us into EVERY illegal war we’ve had since WWII. Deprogram what public schools taught ya and re-learn in the light of truth… MY country is America and my Constitution says NOTHING about Israel.’

Now, if you were to consistently read what I write, you will see that I come from a faith-based perspective. My position on Israel is founded on this proclamation of God to Abraham:

I will bless those who bless you,
and whoever curses you I will curse;
and all peoples on earth
will be blessed through you.” (Genesis 12:3)
and many other passages that expand on this certainty. Not to mention the fact that our Saviour Jesus came through the line of David, as this passage in Genesis foretells. I have to assume that God knew what He was doing, making this promise to Abraham.
Even if the modern nation of Israel is mostly secular, I have a hard time believing that God is done keeping his promises related to the descendants of Abraham.
Perhaps I would blow this off as one individual who is “wound a little too tight” if it weren’t for the barrage of anti-semitic comments coming out of the “occupy wall street” movement. ( A movement, by the way, which really seems to need someone to vilify.)
I also understand that without the Biblical imperative to see the children of Abraham from the perspective of the Creator, those who don’t share my spiritual foundation have little motivation to “stand with Israel”.
Still, for the life of me, I can’t come up with a single instance in which Israel as a nation “helped” us into various conflicts. At a minimum, this seems a pretty negative view of history. My own observation is that since World War II, most conflicts that Israel has faced, she has faced alone and against formidable odds. Oh, maybe we have had some input into telling them how to manage their business, but other than that, what? We have profited from selling them a few jet fighters.
I know two things about this argument. First, if we conservatives don’t look for common ground and ask the question ‘What can we do to serve one another and advance our common goals?’ Then we will certainly lose, for “a house divided against itself cannot stand.” Second, God’s Word always accomplishes that which He sent it to do; I would therefore rather be on the blessing side of His promise to Abraham.