What to do?

If you have been reading the news the last couple of weeks, you will have been told that the regime of Assad in Syria is probably responsible for chemical attacks on innocent civilians, resulting in the deaths of thousands of innocents including many children. There is no condemnation sufficient to address this atrocity.
The “opposition” is backed by Al Qaeda, a proven ruthless enemy of our nation. Murderers of thousands of innocent Americans. Sworn to attack us to extinction. No thinking person in the U.S doubts this.
So, what is the U.S. to do?
The current administration thinks the right thing to do is send Assad a message that it is unacceptable to kill thousands of innocents.
Hard to argue with this sentiment, on the surface.
But, attacking Assad, advances the agenda of Al Qaeda, and fails to help the innocents who have been attacked.
Therefore, unless and until someone can show me a compelling strategy that actually helps the innocents who are suffering in this Syrian civil war, I maintain my stance that the only moral alternative is for the U.S. to stay out of it.
The likelihood that this whole scenario is carefully engineered to drive us closer to the aims of those who want to dominate the planet through financial means is too hard for me to discount.
Go ahead and believe that this current administration is living up to its promise of transparency if you want to, but, so far, I have seen no evidence in that direction.


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