Pricey the Cat

Pricey the Cat

Pricey the Cat

I named this little rescue project after her first day at my house and a trip to the Vet. My daughter found it lost/abandoned in a park. She is endued with compassion from on high. Though she couldn’t keep the kitten because of her living situation, she was still constrained with all that is within her to rescue it.

My lot, apparently, is to pay the Vet. Oh well, I’m sure it will come back to me some how. Need a cute cat?



4 Responses to “Pricey the Cat”

  1. Durable Says:

    Does it taste like chicken? 😉

  2. Priscilla King Says:

    What a pretty kitty! Do you still have her, and is she attracting money yet? If she’s desperate enough to be willing to live with four older calico cats (the bossy one’s moved out), she can stay with me…but wouldn’t you rather give her a chance to attract some money to your home?

    • writewild Says:

      Priscilla, She’s still here. The vet put her on antibiotics to treat an eye infection the week we got her. She’s not quite through the course yet, though the symptoms have long since abated. Thanks much for the offer, though I think we are probably too far apart to make it practical (I’m in Iowa). My wife seems to have a knack for finding homes for stray kittens. She usually asks a nominal fee to weed out the only mildly interested, and conducts a pointed “will you take good care of my kitty?” interview. Besides Pricey, we are down to four cats ourselves. All of them were strays that “just came”. Town folks seem prone to leave their unwanted cats near where country folks live. We can’t bear to let them starve.

    • writewild Says:

      Well, Priscilla, Pricey came home from the vet today. Sans front claws and spayed. I reckon she’s here to stay.

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