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Pricey the Cat

June 22, 2013

Pricey the Cat

Pricey the Cat

I named this little rescue project after her first day at my house and a trip to the Vet. My daughter found it lost/abandoned in a park. She is endued with compassion from on high. Though she couldn’t keep the kitten because of her living situation, she was still constrained with all that is within her to rescue it.

My lot, apparently, is to pay the Vet. Oh well, I’m sure it will come back to me some how. Need a cute cat?


Bunny in the Sun

June 15, 2013

Bunny in the Sun

Out of the Nest

Well, sort of in the sun. The little guy is hiding right at the bottom margin of my photo.

More than Meets the Eye

June 5, 2013
Bunny Nest

Bunny Nest

A few minutes before I took this picture, this clump of dead grass was displaced from its present position, revealing four baby bunnies old enough to have their eyes open.  By the time I got back from the house with my camera, the mother – whom I had scared away – had returned.  She put her children to bed and tucked them in for the night.  No one walking by now would notice this spot.  There is just not that much to see.

The lesson I take from this display is that not everything that goes on is obvious to the casual observer.

Because I have been putting in a lot of hours at work, and because it has been raining frequently the past couple of weeks here in Iowa; my wife took on the mowing task this afternoon. She must have mowed right over this cache of fur with no tragic outcome.  Truly, the Creator watches over His handiwork.