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January 23, 2013

Always interested in what drives “top blogs” on WordPress, I note that “theobamadiary” is always in that list.  But, I find many things about that blog peculiar.  First, the clicking on the ‘about’ link for the usual author “Chipsticks” produces a dead-end “4o4 error”.  Secondly, many commenters names are oft repeated.   Maybe they have nothing else to do, so they hang out and make comments.  Still, that doesn’t reflect the commenter’s behavior on any other blog that I can find.  Then, unlike any other blog on WordPress that I examine, there are no live links for comment posters.   A blogger couldn’t follow one of these posters, if she wanted.    Those links are a major driver to get blog followers.  How does this blog get regular followers without allowing links to commenter’s blog posts?  Can I pay WordPress to keep my blog in the “Top Blogs” roll?  Perhaps most intriging of all, is the amazing photo access the blog has inside White House functions.

The commenters are unusual, in that they are the most adoring group you would ever want to meet.  Fawning, actually.  Like that old frontier folk tune, ‘never is heard a discouraging word’.  Even I, even-natured as I am, get pointedly desenting comments from time to time.

The top entry on the “blog roll” is  Is that a coincidence?  Just call me a skeptic.  Maybe the author would freely admit his position of access, if ony the “about” link wasn’t dead.  I doubt, however, that he/she would confirm my suspicion that the posts and the comments originate from the same office.

I invite any of the commenters to theobamadiary to offer any proof whatsoever that the source of that blog’s comments is not actually inside the White House, and not produced professionally using my taxpayer dollars. For that matter, I’ll take a comment from WordPress staff explaining how the normal links to commenter’s blogs are defeated.  If the writer is in the White House public relations office, aren’t you proud of your work?  Own it.



Recommended Reading

January 13, 2013

For those who have not seen the other side of life, this article will take you as close as you can get without going to see.  I was quite taken by the accuracy of the descriptions of the people in the two of these places that I have also walked (Philippines and Solomon Islands).

For those who have seen, a reminder never hurts.

Stand Together

January 8, 2013

Are you one who feels  cowed by the bully known as the federal government?  Bullys do their evil by intimidation.  They exercise the power to oppress by isolating one hapless victim at a time. Here is an example of how to put an end to such tyranny: