While John Boehner and Barack Obama play chicken on the edge of the fiscal cliff, most seem to fail to recognize they are driving their respective cars by remote control, like drone pilots. Unfortunately, the passengers in those careening vehicles are us. We will all suffer from the tax hikes and many will suffer from the spending cuts that were devised simply to be unpalatable to the Congress. We need more Tea Party conservatives in the House and fewer clowns. Don’t you think we would learn to vote on principle?



3 Responses to “Chicken?”

  1. Durable Says:

    I dont look to dc for solutions anymore. The rhetoric doesnt match the votes and the popular sentiment dont jive with the election results. The lowest approval rating for congress and senate on record and nearly all incumbents get reelected? Hogwash. Rigged game, elaborate show producing no results only plausible deniability. Imho

    • writewild Says:

      I agree there are no solutions in DC. More than that, one of two things is true; either de Tocqueville was correct in his observation that “Americans are so enamored of equality that they would rather be equal in slavery than unequal in freedom.”, or elections are rigged in a way that we lack the ability to discover or control.

      You are absolutely correct about DC. The things going on there seem conspiritorial simply because Washington is largely animated by darkness (like a zombie corpse). What is worrisome is that if the elections do reflect the will of the majority, then Washington is merely a reflection the state of the country. We need divine power to demolish these stongholds. A revial is our only hope!

      • Durable Says:

        Amen. But just like help isnt found in DC, revival is not likely to be found in 501C3 State Agent Churches. It will come from the underground church and praying patriots in my opinion.

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