After two inches of rain today, I watched an earthworm pressing forward, straight as a string, across the pavement. Have you seen the ultimate outcome of this behavior? The ground becomes saturated and the worm is looking for higher ground. I’m sure it seemed like a good idea at the time. Actually, the worm reminded me of a Bible verse, which I’ll paraphrase: There is a way that seems right, but in the end, it leads to death. I think this last election is like that. Most voted for a way that seems right to them (of course). But, with every increase in government control, our freedoms and our opportunities for self determination die a little more. And so I ask, forward to what?


3 Responses to “Forward?”

  1. DM Says:

    it would be one thing if the people who make these choices alone had to bear the consequences of their stupidity….problem is, they are taking me with them and it ticks me off…

    • writewild Says:

      I think I know how you feel. Seems our friends and neighbors have by and large lost the abiltity for critical thinking. I admit it, I’m mystified. How can one flush the unselfish sacrifies of those who came before us for some percieved (minor and illusory) personal gain? Heck, I’m a vet. What about my sacrifices? Early in August, I had a reunion with about thirty shipmates from the early 1970’s. Most of those guys spent time on the firing line, providing fire support for the ground troops in Vietnam. Almost to a man, those guys are as conservative as they come. I think they are all mystified too.

  2. Priscilla King Says:

    Despite their handicaps, sometimes the worms do make it to higher ground. It helps if they’re alert to input from their environment telling them that the direction of their “progress” may not be the one in which they need to move! EXCELLENT metaphor.

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