Consider Your Own Situation

I have been listening to the presidential debate tonight. Normally, I don’t divulge personal information. But, I want to relate my own experience over the past four years, because I think it has an important message. As an electrical hardware engineer, I have often stated that I love the fact that hardware naturally enforces a unequivocable truth. I works or it doesn’t. The hardware I design doesn’t lie.

At the beginning of Obama’s term, I was the Director of Engineering of a rising telecom startup. My salary easily enabled me to pay the mortgage on my 2800 square foot house. By the end of Obama’s first term, all that opportunity has evaporated.

I’m employed now. But my salary is only about 2/3 what is was when Obama took office. The company that employed me before, spent about two years of not being able to make payroll on a regular basis. Eventually, irregular became not at all. It was not just me. Four other engineers lost their income before I lost mine.

I found another job. I am, after all, a highly skilled electrical engineer. My new job is a good one, but I am back to the status of individual contributor, at the 2/3 salary my previous company cut me back to at the end.

My new house is about half the size of the previous one. It needs a complete remodel, down to the studs. I’m cooking on my camp stove.

I am optimistic for the future. But the results of the past four years don’t lie, just like that hardware I am so familiar with. I’m working at 2/3 the income of four years ago. How about you?

Obama’s rhetoric is based on an unrealistic model.  But, like my own designs, Obama’s designs don’t lie.  Don’t be an Obama zombie. Take a realistic look at your current situation.  Are you better off?  Leave a comment.  Tell me your story.


4 Responses to “Consider Your Own Situation”

  1. DM Says:

    I am self employed in the construction field..mostly residential but also some ag. Work as definitely slowed down…it’s still trickling in, but just. .I keep hearing Obama’s words in my ears…”If I can’t turn this around in 3 yrs, then this is a 1 term presidency.” Works for me. Wish he had the guts to admit he is in over his head and doesn’t really know what he’s doing….

    • writewild Says:

      I note from following your blog that you are doing a lot of self-sufficient things; raising chickens, vegetagles, friut, etc. I think those of us who are “disconnecting” from complete dependence on the complex interdependent system of the “economy” are more likely to survive and help our neighbors too. It’s good to hear from you DM, I enjoy your own musings immensely!

  2. Priscilla King Says:

    Dittos Writewild. I’m still self-employed as a writer, but I’m earning less at it than I was four years ago.

    • writewild Says:

      Any thoughts on how we can help more develop critical thinking skills? We still have too many accecpting the opinion the state-run media hands them. I recently had a conversation with a Russian-born co-worker. He related how he was unable to understand that Communist Russia wasn’t the best place to live, under the best possible system until outside information began to leak in (after he was already in his 20’s).

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