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Illinois is not Chicago

October 21, 2012

The music of this group is a good reminder that Illinois is not synonymous with Chicago or Chicago-style politics.  I have a hard time thinking, from my own interactions with farm-folk in Iowa, that these folks would think another four years of Obama in the White House would be a good thing.
I don’t presume to speak for them.  Maybe one of the group will comment.


Consider Your Own Situation

October 16, 2012

I have been listening to the presidential debate tonight. Normally, I don’t divulge personal information. But, I want to relate my own experience over the past four years, because I think it has an important message. As an electrical hardware engineer, I have often stated that I love the fact that hardware naturally enforces a unequivocable truth. I works or it doesn’t. The hardware I design doesn’t lie.

At the beginning of Obama’s term, I was the Director of Engineering of a rising telecom startup. My salary easily enabled me to pay the mortgage on my 2800 square foot house. By the end of Obama’s first term, all that opportunity has evaporated.

I’m employed now. But my salary is only about 2/3 what is was when Obama took office. The company that employed me before, spent about two years of not being able to make payroll on a regular basis. Eventually, irregular became not at all. It was not just me. Four other engineers lost their income before I lost mine.

I found another job. I am, after all, a highly skilled electrical engineer. My new job is a good one, but I am back to the status of individual contributor, at the 2/3 salary my previous company cut me back to at the end.

My new house is about half the size of the previous one. It needs a complete remodel, down to the studs. I’m cooking on my camp stove.

I am optimistic for the future. But the results of the past four years don’t lie, just like that hardware I am so familiar with. I’m working at 2/3 the income of four years ago. How about you?

Obama’s rhetoric is based on an unrealistic model.  But, like my own designs, Obama’s designs don’t lie.  Don’t be an Obama zombie. Take a realistic look at your current situation.  Are you better off?  Leave a comment.  Tell me your story.

Iowa Sunset

October 8, 2012

… or the evening.

Troublesome Clog

October 7, 2012


One never knows what the morning will bring …