Protect the Border, or the Desert? Why not Both?

Seems, according to an article in the Arizona Daily Star, there’s a brouhaha brewing about the problem of illegals using restricted wilderness areas along the Mexican border to gain entry to the U. S. with minimal risk of interception by Border Patrol agents.

These wilderness areas are off-limits to vehicular traffic, even government traffic, and large enough to make patrolling on horseback mostly impractical. So, on the one hand, we have the Border Patrol saying that the restrictions “hamper” their enforcement efforts. On the other hand we have the EPA and environmental groups striving to protect these areas from incursion by vehicles, even for the purpose of protecting the border.

I am originally from New Mexico, and I understand the fragility of these desert wilderness areas. Rain can be so infrequent that tire tracks really can cause permanent damage. The native grasses get so dry they crumble like ash under footprint or tire track. From my perspective, both sides in this argument have valid points of view.

Apparently, our Congressmen are spending time debating whether border enforcement, or environmental concerns will prevail.

Time for some out-of-the-box thinking. What I am proposing here, is a radical change in approach to satisfy both sides:

  1. Use tethered blimps for low-energy high-altitude surveillance. High resolution cameras and infrared sensors can handle spotting day and night.
  2. Follow up with interception using airborne drones.

Don’t jump to the conclusion that I am advocating strafing these illegal entrants dead in the desert, to feed the coyotes. I’m not. (Too many illegals would lead to a critical Coyote obesity problem). Instead, we should outfit the drones with a paint-ball gun and indelibly mark the lawbreakers for easy retrieval when they show up in civilization. As an added benefit, we will have a photo of the intruders from the targeting video.

We don’t have to send vehicles into the wilderness to patrol. We protect the desert from everything but a few gelatin capsules that will quickly degrade in the blazing sun. We remove all plausibility from the normal excuses posed by those who hire illegals. The only excuse left will be; “Honest! I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to hire people with a big florescent purple splotch on their forehead.”

I admit, this post is kind of tongue-in-cheek. But, don’t you think it has some merit?


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One Response to “Protect the Border, or the Desert? Why not Both?”

  1. Priscilla King Says:

    Not knowledgeable enough to have any idea how the costs/benefits would work in real life, but it’s a GREAT idea as science fiction!

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