Republican Contenders

I just got home from Des Moines (2 hour drive, one way) where I heard a short speech by Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann, Governor Rick Perry, Former Speaker Newt Gingrich, Congressman Ron Paul, and Former U. S. Senator Rick Santorum.  Mr Cain seemed to be doing damage control for some earlier offhand comments about the right to life that could have been seen as “soft” on the issue.  I can understand that approach, given that it is a big issue for the group hosting the meeting (the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition) .  Truthfully, it is a big issue for me.  I would say that Mr. Cain put that issue to rest, for any that wanted to know his heart on the right-to-life issue.  Otherwise, I would say Mr. Cain “phoned it in” on any other points, except perhaps expressing the notion that he would institute an “attitude adjustment” at the EPA in response to a question about US energy production.  Newt came off sounding brilliant and positively presidential, as his experience prepares him to do, and Rick Santorum’s intentional stories of personal tragedy around his own dealings with the right to life in his own family left Mr. Cain’s comments sounding merely theoretical.  Mitt Romney decided not to grace us with his presence.  Governor Perry talked of his small-town upbringing and Michele Bachmann expressed support for Israel and many other issues that Tea Party faithful hold dear.  Congressman Ron Paul said lots of things that I agree with, but I noted his style failed to hold the attention of the audience — it’s a problem for him.

The news media was in evidence.  My wife and I were interviewed by a reporter from NPR and by a team from a news outlet in W. Virginia.  Who knows? Maybe you will see us on the news.

Coverage by C-Span is here:


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