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Restoring America Tea Party Event

August 20, 2011

The upcoming tea party event scheduled for the labor day weekend west of  Des Moines IA has a change of venue.  What a great chance for us to get together.  Hope to see you there!


Election 2012 at Our Expense – Give Me a Break!

August 16, 2011

Population = 308,745,538 (US Census)
Unemployment Rate = 9.1%
Unemployed=Population ×Unemployment Rate = 308,745,538 ×0.091=28,095,840
“Rural Small Business Jobs Incentive” Announcement = $350,000,000 (Obama’s Bus Tour Rhetoric)
This incentive is to be spread over 5 years:  $350,000,000/(5 Years) = $70,000,000/year
So for each unemployed per year:  $70,000,000/(28,095,840 unemployed) = $2.49/(unemployed worker)

100% = amount of $2.49 incentive the government must remove from the economy to add $2.49 to the economy per unemployed worker.

Net Effect < ZERO

(Ignoring the cost of the re-election bus tour, especially the cost of security for those beleaguered areas “fortunate” enough to be targeted.)

Just how stupid does this man think we are?  What about MSNBC?  Time to wake up!