I love the fact that God has a sense of humor like no other! Millions are apparently aware of the viral YouTube video “Did Jesus Give us the Name of the Anti-Christ?” In case you missed it, the starts with the verifiable premise that the Hebrew word for lightning is ‘baraq’, which is pronounced just like our President’s first name. It draws on Jesus’ words in Luke 10:18, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven… ” and endeavors to construct some connections to the last name as well.

Now before you start, I am aware of the inordinate amount of time and effort that some have spent debunking (portions of) the original video. However, a fellow blogger, Eddie Gehman Kohan, has recently posted some great pictures of Lightning striking near the White House during an Easter storm: lightning at White House. Lightning is generally considered an “act of God”. Whatever the merits of the original arguments, I am amused by the “coincidence” that we have “baraq” appearing to strike the roof of the White House and Barack sitting inside. Signs and wonders? Hmmmm…

From Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary: H-1299. baraq,   baw-rak’;    a prim. root; to lighten (lightning):–cast forth.


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