Follow the Money

Follow the money. You have heard that maxim. This time we’re going to follow your money.

Here goes –

  1. Americans, stressed by troubles like high unemployment, rising food and gas prices, and elected representatives who ignore the wishes of their constituents would like to find temporary respite from the tension.
  2. Some of us try to find a little escape and occasionally splurge on a movie at $10 per ticket (or more).
  3. Millions of dollars flow from the box office to the studios and thence to the producers and actors in the industry.
  4. Studio moguls , producers and actors make large political contributions from the money that they received from us.
  5. Americans have therefore made political contributions by proxy, almost certainly without consideration of who those dollars would support.

Now, this past weekend, I went to see Atlas Shrugged (I thought it was great!). I’m betting very little of the ticket price ended up in the coffers of the DNC or in the Obama re-election war-chest. We ought to consider how our purchases vote. I’m just sayin’…


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