The Truth will Out!

A while back, I wrote a blog post [1] primarily to point out that conservative parents were funding a concerted attack on their own values. This travesty occurs simply because they send their children to public school. The appearance of children in public school results in the hiring of public school teachers. A high percentage of public school teachers are members of the National Education Association. These teachers pay dues to the NEA. The NEA uses these dues to advance liberal political causes. Liberal politicians support the NEA.

That post brought me about two weeks of grief from a commenter who had made a career of working on the other side of this issue in fairly high places. But, by way of vindication, I am providing a link to a post on [2]. Embedded in that post is a video of a speech by Bob Chanin, retiring National Education Association (NEA) General Council. He makes my point in a way I never could have dreamed, while collecting the applause of a huge crowd of NEA members (‘teachers’). I encourage you to watch it.  Decide for yourself what your money is buying you.




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One Response to “The Truth will Out!”

  1. Maggie@MaggiesNotebook Says:

    Thanks much for the link! Let your commenter rebutt the video.

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