A Rock of Offense

I subscribed to the blog posts of Dr. Georgia Purdom , who is on staff at answersingenesis.org. Her stated specialty is cellular and molecular biology. I have read a few articles that Dr. Purdom has written for Answers in Genesis magazine. I find that I almost always learn something interesting from them. My own background is in electrical engineering, so my studies left me little time for the study of biology. Therefore, I appreciate her perspective on the subject, especially since she shares my belief in the Creator and the veracity of the Genesis account in the Bible.

Dr. Purdom comes across as a contemplative person, certainly with a civil demeanor. Lately, she has been sharing some of the hostile responses she has gotten to her posts from persons who disagree with her views. Haven’t we all gotten them? We write, hoping to inform or inspire. Then, it comes a shock to find that our beliefs offend and spark a vitriolic response from those we don’t know.

I think one thing to remember is that people took offense at the words of Jesus Himself, and if we follow Him, repeating His teaching, it will still offend. Nonetheless, I must remember we are told to be done with unkind speech (1 Peter 2:1-11). I really am encouraged that verse nine of that passage tells us that because of the calling we have, now we can show others the goodness of God.  Freely, I have received mercy.  Can I not give it as well?

[By the way, there is link to Answers in Genesis on the blog roll.]


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One Response to “A Rock of Offense”

  1. Taking Every Thought Captive Says:

    I also enjoy reading Dr. Purdom. You are spot on that we should be kind and gracious in our speech, realizing that no matter what people will still be offended at the truth.

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