Reducing the Out-of-Contol Budget in Iowa

This week I went to a presentation by Dawn Pettengill and Tim Kapucian in Belle Plaine Iowa. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the willingness of my representatives to hold these “listening post” meetings to take the pulse of their constituents and to disseminate information about how they see the upcoming session going in the legislature.

The upshot is that they expect the bulk of the legislative session to be focused on dealing with issues related to the current level of overextension in the Iowa budget after years of tax-and-spend Democrat control. More power to them, I say. And God Speed!


One Response to “Reducing the Out-of-Contol Budget in Iowa”

  1. pobept Says:

    Be it Iowa or California states financial health will continue to deteriorate until lawmakers can and will stop social welfare funding and administrating federally mandated programs without full funding from Obamas socialist style welfare agenda headquarters in Washington D.C.

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