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ID to Vote? Why not?

January 29, 2011

Matt Strawn, Chairman of The Republican Party of Iowa reported in his latest email newsletter that the vote on Iowa House bill hf95 went strictly down party lines. That is, all the Republicans voted for the bill and all the Democrats voted against it. Since the Republicans have a majority in the House, the bill is now headed to the Senate.

Iowa HF95, in a nutshell, proposes that precinct officials require voters to present identification. Now every citizen who takes his citizenship seriously knows there are voter registration requirements to help curb voter fraud. We all want our voice, as is our right. Unfortunately, some want to have more of a voice than is their allotted share.

This bill seems RIGHT to me. If I want to vote, why shouldn’t I have some proof that I am who I say I am?  In my small community, the polling officials eventually learn to recognize most of the voters, and the casual banter just “feels right”.  But that is not the norm in big-city precincts.  We hear about voter fraud every election. I read through this bill. The language makes it clear that anyone showing up without ID can cast a provisional ballot, the same way he or she can if they failed to register. If it checks out, and the vote matters, it gets counted. Some of you Democrats are going to have to explain the unanimous Democrat vote against this bill to me.  Because I’m thinking in my usual obvious vein: “What does a Democrat have to gain by preventing any but the rightful voters from having their say?”


A Rock of Offense

January 14, 2011

I subscribed to the blog posts of Dr. Georgia Purdom , who is on staff at Her stated specialty is cellular and molecular biology. I have read a few articles that Dr. Purdom has written for Answers in Genesis magazine. I find that I almost always learn something interesting from them. My own background is in electrical engineering, so my studies left me little time for the study of biology. Therefore, I appreciate her perspective on the subject, especially since she shares my belief in the Creator and the veracity of the Genesis account in the Bible.

Dr. Purdom comes across as a contemplative person, certainly with a civil demeanor. Lately, she has been sharing some of the hostile responses she has gotten to her posts from persons who disagree with her views. Haven’t we all gotten them? We write, hoping to inform or inspire. Then, it comes a shock to find that our beliefs offend and spark a vitriolic response from those we don’t know.

I think one thing to remember is that people took offense at the words of Jesus Himself, and if we follow Him, repeating His teaching, it will still offend. Nonetheless, I must remember we are told to be done with unkind speech (1 Peter 2:1-11). I really am encouraged that verse nine of that passage tells us that because of the calling we have, now we can show others the goodness of God.  Freely, I have received mercy.  Can I not give it as well?

[By the way, there is link to Answers in Genesis on the blog roll.]

Reducing the Out-of-Contol Budget in Iowa

January 8, 2011

This week I went to a presentation by Dawn Pettengill and Tim Kapucian in Belle Plaine Iowa. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the willingness of my representatives to hold these “listening post” meetings to take the pulse of their constituents and to disseminate information about how they see the upcoming session going in the legislature.

The upshot is that they expect the bulk of the legislative session to be focused on dealing with issues related to the current level of overextension in the Iowa budget after years of tax-and-spend Democrat control. More power to them, I say. And God Speed!