Fostering Leadership

As I drove my twenty-year old step-daughter twenty miles into town this evening to meet with two of her classmates, I talked with her about what she was doing ā€“ what she had in mind. I found that she had set up the meeting, and that she had done considerable work in preparation to be able to guide the meeting down the path toward a vision she had been praying about. The class in question requires a journalistic video production on some subject of significance. Her idea is to interview some of those responsible for the Salvation Army bell-ringers project; both at the organizational level, and to collect the stories of some of those who volunteer. Maybe it’s just me, but I think the idea is divinely inspired. As a project for a journalist, it has both societal significance and human interest. Purpose overlaid with passion. A magnificent idea, as ideas for stories go. As a parent who is personally trying to develop the characteristics of an effective leader, I couldn’t be prouder of the work my daughter has been doing on this project:

1.She sought God in prayer about the direction the project should take.
2.She wrangled with God until an idea formed in her mind.
3.She made some plans, thinking through where the story might lead.
4.Having formulated a vision, she called her associates to schedule a meeting.
5.At the meeting, she used her passion for the idea to sell her friends on the vision she had.
6.Her friends were only too happy to have someone with a bona-fide good idea for their project.
7.She and her friends made a rough outline for what they might do.
8.She scheduled a time for the next developmental session in a day or two.

Did I mention that I was a proud parent? What about you? Is God calling you to leadership? These steps are a good model for building your team and getting your vision off the ground!


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