Pants on Fire

During the misinformation campaign waged in an effort to get the Democrat health care reform bill passed, we were repeatedly told in televised speeches by the President, “If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan.” (NY Times) It became one of his stock lines.

Then in the spring, the President gave a speech in Portland Maine.  He observed that after signing the health care reform bill into law, “that no one lost their health insurance.” I wrote a just-wait-and-see blog post on April 1st, about this ridiculous comment (What? No Asteroids?).  Eight days after signing the bill! Indeed.

As we all know, the dominoes take a while to fall. My health insurance company, Principal (which I like), announced today that they are getting out of the health insurance business. They cite increased regulation and reduced profits as reasons. Hmmm.  What increased regulation, I wonder?  Principal plans to turn my policy over to United Healthcare.  I have had United as an insurer before. I found they were hard to work with. Seemed to me they had a (secret) policy to deny every claim, until they saw whether the customer would give up or persist.

Today, my health insurance company called it quits. I’m betting your’s isn’t too far behind. We had better elect a Congress in November that will repeal this economy-crusher masquerading as “health care” legislation.

– writewild


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One Response to “Pants on Fire”

  1. Gina Daytona Says:

    This is some of the most incisive writing on the net from a conservative (i.e., thinking man’s) perspective. Keep up the good work!

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