Making (Patriot) Friends

Yesterday, I had a face-to-face meeting with a room full of new friends whom I consider American patriots.  We came together to plan strategy for an upcoming event, at which we hope to influence many to get more informed and be more involved in standing against the threats to our uniquely American constitutional republic.  It was a beautiful day; everyone could have certainly taken advantage of the break in the rainy weather to carry out important items on their personal agenda.  Instead, we gathered to work for the cause of liberty.   Some of the attendees traveled from out-of-state to take part and offer insight into methods that they have already had good success with.  I drove two hours each way to attend, and ended up with a committee assignment for my troubles.  I don’t mind.  I love this country and I can’t sit by and watch the big-government progressives in office at every level destroy what is left of her.  Don’t sit by and assume someone else will take care of it either.  I’m adding contact information for my new friends to my blog roll.   Below I’ll include the links and tell you where they are from.  Maybe you are close enough to one of them to join in. Be a patriot!

Everyday America —  West Des Moines, IA
9-12 Project Des Moines, IA
We The People Tea Party of Southern IA
Iowa 9/12 Project, Benton County, IA (includes me)
Dallas Tea Party — Dallas, TX
Wisconsin Prosperity Network


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