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Joint Economic Committee Maps Obamacare

July 28, 2010

Today,  the Joint Economic Committee minority, led by U.S Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas and Rep. Kevin Brady of Texas, released a partial organizational chart that is the result of a valiant attempt to display the labyrinthine interconnections of new bureaucracy enabled by the Obamacare legislation.  I am placing a link to their report a the end of this post.  I urge you to look at their analysis while thinking about the difficulty navigating the already restrictive tenets  of your current insurance policy.

The purpose of legislation is to restrict freedom that is deemed by the legislators to be inappropriate.  The freedom to get that time-critical medical procedure done, perchance?  Remember those inalienable rights?  Isn’t life one of them?  For those of you who still think government can “fix” anything, I just shake my head in dismay!  When this thing was up for a vote, I preached that is was bad news.  Now I’m going to say I told you so!



Heroes All

July 4, 2010

They came before us, heroes all,
that we might stand today
and freely answer whatever call
our Sovereign sends our way.

In muddy trenches, numbing cold,
on desert’s scorching sand;
in jungle stench of wet and mold,
they followed one command:

Defend to death the liberty
our Maker has bestowed;
defeat the wrong of tyranny,
protect the ones at home.

Ice-crusted muskets at Valley Forge,
torpedo’s high-pitched whine;
whatever weapon, whichever war,
their valor is what shined!

They quelled their fears by force of will
to hold a ragged line;
against the foe who seeks to kill
what’s good, and right, and fine.

Heroes are standing, still today,
to keep our children safe and free;
to vanquish terror’s craven sway,
in hell-holes where it meets.

The heritage of sacrifice
that is a warrior’s lot;
exemplified by God on high,
this shows the warrior’s heart!

– Writewild

Thank you, warriors.  God bless and keep you.