Testimony on H. R. 2499

Documentation of the testimony pertaining to H.R. 2499  before the Senate Committee on Energy and National Resources:

In favor of  H. R. 2499  — LUIS G. FORTUÑO GOVERNOR OF PUERTO RICO and Congressman Pedro R. Pierluisi

Against: Hon. Rubén Berríos Martínez President Puerto Rican Independence Party and HÉCTOR J. FERRER RIOS PRESIDENT OF POPULAR DEMOCRATIC PARTY

If you have the patience to read this testimony, you will find these men are either in favor of or against H. R. 2499, based on their assessment of the likely outcome.  A reasonable position for all of them.  You will notice, if you read between the lines, that all of them are clear that this bill stacks the deck.   The side poised to win is in favor.  The side the deck is being stacked against are understandably upset about it.

I will probably live if Puerto Rico becomes a state, or becomes independent, or remains a commonwealth.  I still maintain though, that allowing the Congress of the United States to stack the deck — which all of these witnesses recognize has happened — should have us all upset.  The catastrophic danger to us is the precedent set by allowing non-residents to vote in the election simply on the  strength of having been born in Puerto Rico.   The audacity of the U. S. House of Representatives in passing this measure is beyond the pale.

My earlier posts about this issue are here and here.


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