Tea Party (Human) Racist

With the left pushing racist accusations at Tea Party Patriots and 9/12ers who are standing up for our uniquely American constitutional republic, I have decided to flatly state my views on race. Behind my firm embrace on the constitution that our forefathers gave us, is my unshakable faith in the God whom they believed gave us those inalienable rights. With that faith comes a belief that the book of Genesis in the Bible is a true account of creation. I therefore believe that Adam is the created head of the human race, and that we all descend from he and Eve. I believe the amazing genetic code that God created in Adam held all the variation that we see differentiating skin tone and every other feature that makes us all remarkably unique – individual to individual – generation to generation. Common use labels some of these differentiating characteristics “racial”.  I beg to differ.   All descended from Adam, we are only one race: Human.

Whatever slander the media on the left spouts about the God-fearing members of the Tea Party, I find it is the left that wants to divide, to hunt up differences, to drive wedges in any cracks they see.

More on the right hold my perspective than the prevailing view on the other side; that the races are the result of billions of years of faceless and amoral evolution. This dogma is what is taught in the public schools as “truth”.   Since about 95% are the product of the public schools, a large percentage of the population has taken the long-age argument at face value, as delivered.  Few have bothered to even test the philosophy behind it.

The view that I hold is ridiculed, but I am undaunted. I know truth when I see it. I know that even the one on the left is my brother, misled though he be.

And my brothers and sisters on the right who may have in fact bought into the billions of years story, I urge you to search diligently for the truth in this matter.  Either we are made in the image of God, as Genesis attests, with all the responsibility to one another that charge bestows.   Or, we are simply a cosmic accident with no real reason to expect anything from one another but selfishness.

What kind of world do you want to live in? Check out answersingenesis.org if you need persuading.

Let me say too, that I am not a denier of history or of the atrocities perpetrated against millions based on their perceived “race”. But, the wrongs of the past don’t give us an excuse to perpetuate error to this or subsequent generations. We were created in the image of God. More is required of us.


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