Support Scott Brown (wherever you are)

According to Fox News today, The White House and Democrats in Congress decided Tuesday night to take the final stages of the health care debate behind closed doors and to bypass the conference committee process to exclude Republicans. Further, they report that Democrats have taken offense at criticism about the undercover nature of the proceedings. They say they have used a transparent process with “hundreds of public meetings and legislation posted on line”.

Apparently my memory is fuzzy. I seem to remember Senate negotiations conducted in the cloak room while Republicans cooled their heels on the floor. I remember that the bills posted on line were completely out of date with the meteoric progress of the actual legislation. Do you remember President Obama promising “open and transparent government” while still on the campaign trail?

Or is it just me?

Let me just say that my voting record in November will be more transparent than theirs. Further, I have decided to try to scrape up as much money as I can for campaign contributions for select candidates running in other states against Congressional incumbents in closely contested races.

I’m starting with support for Massachusetts State Senator Scott Brown who is running to fill the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Senator Ted Kennedy. His election would get the Senate Democrat count down from the filibuster-proof 60. Besides sending that “stop-it” message to Congress, I find Senator Brown’s position statements make me hope he makes it for a host of reasons.

If Nancy Pelosi can start a war chest to defeat Michele Bachmann in the mid-term elections, I can support a Senator from Massachusetts. You can too!


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