Nebraskans take unfair advantage?

How will Nebraskans view Senator Nelson’s agreement to support the Senate health care bill in exchange for having the Federal Government making the other 49 states pay Nebraska’s expanded Medicaid bill FOREVER?  Will they be appreciative of his winning this windfall for the folks at home?  At least some patriots in Nebraska are incensed.  They have principles that won’t  let them rejoice at taking unfair advantage of the rest of us.

In fact, they scheduled a protest this afternoon.  Check out information on protest in Omaha here.

My, reaction to the news about Nelson’s sell out at our expense was visceral.  Looking at the the Americans for Prosperity web site (link above) reminds me that my neighbors in Nebraska have a Senator who isn’t listening to them, any more than Harkin is listening to us here in Iowa.  As those protesters go to Omaha and then return home (in a snow storm).  I pray for their safe travels, and their success at getting Nelson’s attention.


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