Just say AHHH (while we shove this down your throat).

42% want Federal Government to address health care (Rasmussen Polls).

“You can’t write a bill based on CBO, you have to write a bill based on what’s best for the country and get CBO to score it,” Schumer said. “It’s all in good faith and good spirit…It’s complicated. It’s many issues, and it takes awhile,”  — Chuck Schumer

That’s the deal with these Progressives. They work on the arrogant assumption that they know better than “We the People” what we need.  No need for you to worry about inalienable rights endowed by your Creator, when we have these guys to decide what our rights should be.  Why wouldn’t they worry about that Rasmussen poll?  They are sure that they can buy enough votes with the entitlement end of this plan that the 68% of us who want them to  quit it, won’t matter.  It worked for Mary Landrieu.

In case you are wondering, here is the list that is working over the weekend with the White House to get to a compromise “Public Option” that they think they can pass.

Chuck Schumer – NY
Harry Reid – NV
Jay Rockefeller – WV
Sherrod Brown – OH
Tom Harkin – IA
Russ Feingold – WI
Mary Landrieu – LA
Ben Nelson – NE
Tom Carper – DE
Mark Pryor – AR
Blanche Lincoln – AR
Joe Lieberman – CT


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