Thanks, US Military Personnel!

This Thanksgiving weekend, as I enjoy time at home with my family, those of you who are standing tall in our military to protect American freedoms have been on my mind.  I thank you all, though mere gratitude seems a paltry offering compared to your sacrifice.  (In the same way that we have to recognize that Jesus’ sacrifice for us can never be repaid by human effort.)  I served six years in the U.S. Navy down toward the end of the Vietnam war, so I know something of what it is like to be young and away from loved ones for extended periods.  (I also know that my NAVY service was like a vacation cruise compared to the daily life of many of you who are currently in harm’s way.)  I am humbled by your dedication to duty and your willingness to sacrifice for the rest of us.  Thank you!  You are in my prayers.  May God bless and protect you.


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