The President of the United States of America Bowing Down …

…  to Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah at the G20 meeting in April,  to the Emperor of Japan in November.  Do you want to speculate whether he is planning to bow to the U.N. to surrender the sovereignty of our nation in the name of fighting climate change?  That sovereignty was won at great cost and has been protected at great cost, up until now.

When the President of the United States represents us in front of foreign dignitaries, his office exists because of brave men who endured freezing conditions with General Washington at Valley Forge.  When he travels to Japan on state business, he has a nation to represent because men like my father signed up to defend her after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.  In the European Theater, men like my uncle , who was killed at Saint-Lô during the Battle of Normandy, added to the sacred honor of trust that the holder of the Office of the President should stand tall for.  Day after day, from the founding until now, brave men and women have sacrificed to uphold our nation in ways this President cannot fathom.

The scripture says that every knee will bow before Jesus Christ.  I say the President should bow before none other.




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